Born in 1976 in Prague,

Lives and works in Prague,  Czech republic

Jan Jirovec is a visual artist who continually explores the boundaries of sculpture and painting. His creative journey is deeply influenced by his exceptional technological prowess, honed through the realization of numerous hyperrealistic museum models, dioramas, and collaborative efforts on various film projects.

His portfolio is distinguished by its extraordinary diversity and breadth of expressive means. He seamlessly combines elements of naturalistic realism, geometric and expressive abstraction, as well as modernist stylization.

As an artist living in a relatively secure, consumerist society, he delves into the deeper waters of the subconscious, creating visual metaphors for archetypal phenomena such as feelings of threat or safety. Through his work, he confronts entrenched aesthetic expectations and conventional definitions of beauty and ugliness.

A common thread in his work is its eclectic nature. He incorporates painterly and sculptural artifacts or fragments from other artists who worked in the spirit of socialist realism. Thus, he creates a dialogue across historical discourses, infusing decadent irony into the cultural legacy of the era of deep modernity, replete with grand yet unfulfilled ideas.

Jan Jirovec has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions both in the Czech Republic and abroad, with his works being sought after by non-conformist collectors. As a father of two children, he is closely involved in educational activities, occasionally serving as a lecturer at art courses and camps.